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Friday Facility no.13 – Merryfield Drive, Horsham

Yesterday I cycled over to Merryfield Drive, in the west of Horsham, to take some pictures of the town’s only stretch of segregated cycle track. Here it is, all twenty metres of it. It’s a slightly confusing arrangement, because as … Continue reading

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The stigma of cycling

I’d like to draw your attention to an interesting new article from Rachel Aldred which addresses one important barrier to cycling – stigma. Unfortunately the paper is not freely available, but you can read what I think is an early … Continue reading

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A simple test

Slightly lost, perhaps understandably, amongst the kerfuffle over the deeply strange ‘Share the Road’ campaign endorsed (and then hastily unendorsed) by Bike Radar, was a tweet by David Arditti, who objected to the entire principle of encouraging greater ‘sharing’ (or … Continue reading

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The pernicious logic of ‘safety in numbers’

The recent announcement of a 13% rise [pdf] in cyclist casualties (Killed or Seriously Injured – KSIs) in the first quarter of 2012, compared to the same period in 2011, is unfortunately only further evidence of an increasingly sharp upward trend in cycling … Continue reading

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Auto Express inadvertently proves that drivers of cars are more likely to jump red lights than cyclists

Doubtless you are now familiar with the entirely bogus Auto Express ‘survey’ of offences committed by cyclists and motorists at Highbury Corner; the most notable ‘offences’ committed by cyclists including not wearing hi-visibility clothing, and that of not wearing a … Continue reading

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Olympic medalists call for helmet compulsion

Please note – none of what follows is true. Except it sort of is. Story ‘borrowed’ from here. Olympic slalom canoeing gold medalists Tim Bailie and Etienne Stott have prompted debate over whether people using canoes, rowing boats, pedalos and punts should … Continue reading

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A curious paradox

A district councillor in Horsham, Philip Circus, has a ‘provocative’ column in the local newspaper, the West Sussex County Times. Judging by the typical character of his output, it is usually safe to take ‘provocative’ to mean ‘ill-informed’ (a staple … Continue reading

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Cycle tracks and on-street parking

On-street parking and cycle tracks are not incompatible; in fact, quite the opposite. Parked cars – where on-street parking is necessary, and/or allowed – actually provide a useful barrier between the cycle track and moving traffic. Take this example from … Continue reading

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The civilising of Horsham town centre

Only two years ago, East Street in Horsham looked like this. A narrow street, with large numbers of shops and restaurants, but designed principally around the motor vehicle. Despite the large numbers of pedestrians using the street, the pavements were … Continue reading

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Dutch Master – a Workcycles Omafiets

In the UK, the bike shown in the picture above is seen as a ladies’ bike; it has a step-through frame, which is (stereotypically) assumed to accommodate a long, flowing skirt. Even some of my more enlightened bike-riding compatriots have … Continue reading

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