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A Daily Mail article composed entirely of nonsense

I realise this is probably as easy as shooting fish in a barrel, but the recent Daily Mail article about furious lawbreakers furious that they had been caught breaking the law (Mail translation – hard-working families hit by evil stealth … Continue reading

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Would you walk here?

The recent discussion on the ibikelondon and City Cyclists blogs about carriageway narrowing, and how it can be dreadfully unpleasant for cycling, started me thinking about precisely why these new arrangements are so awful. Beyond the fact that it makes … Continue reading

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Shared space and driver behaviour

One of the more interesting claims made for ‘shared space’ road designs is that they will serve to improve driver behaviour, by making those sitting behind the wheels of motor cars think for themselves, and to respond to stimuli, rather … Continue reading

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Why the Hierarchy of Provision is doomed

The street pictured above is Blackfriars Road in London, looking north towards Southwark tube station. The illuminated tall building on the right is Transport for London’s headquarters, Palestra House. As you can see, the road is rather wide. At a … Continue reading

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Pickles and Portas aren’t listening

I’ll start with a confession. Eric Pickles is the reason I started writing this blog. Back in the winter of 2011, he attended a conference organised by The Economist, on Urban Planning and Liveable Cities. After he had spoken, Mark … Continue reading

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In praise of gyratories (and one-way systems) – why more of them could be the answer

If you say the word ‘gyratory’ to anyone who cycles regularly around cities or large towns in Britain, they’ll probably shiver involuntarily and start to sweat a little. In their mind, they will almost certainly be picturing  scenes like this … Continue reading

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TfL’s retrograde ‘School and Young Person Delivery Plan’

I blogged recently (as did several others) about the Mayor of London’s new Vision for Cycling document, which, while short on detail, appears to represent a new approach towards cycling in London; responding to the concerns and needs of the … Continue reading

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The language has changed – will the strategy match it?

Nearly two years ago I quoted the Mayor of London stating that In many places, the existing layout of roads and buildings means that there is simply not enough space to provide segregated cycle lanes without adversely impacting other users. … Continue reading

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Institutional motorism

You are probably aware that the Association of Chief Police Officers have now ‘clarified’ their position on the enforcement of 20 mph limits, following the appearance of the assistant chief constable of West Yorkshire police before the All Party Parliamentary … Continue reading

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Some parking issues at Horsham station

There’s a story in this week’s West Sussex County Times regarding the removal of bicycles chained to the railings outside the front of Horsham station. It seems one commuter returned to Horsham to find that his bicycle had been removed and … Continue reading

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