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The trouble with our physical environment

A device that offers mobility to people who have great difficulty walking, that is limited to a maximum speed of 8mph, and poses little or no danger (at least relative to other forms of transport like the private car) should never … Continue reading

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A small difference

Two news items popped up almost simultaneously in my inbox recently. Each described a collision, but in a slightly different way. The first – Woman taken to hospital after crash with cyclist at Cawsand A LADY was taken to hospital … Continue reading

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The subject of ‘dangerisation’ – the idea that we are discouraging people who might be tempted cycle in London from doing so by talking about danger and safety – is back on the agenda, following the ‘Die In’ outside TfL … Continue reading

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Utter bollocks on local radio

If you tuned into BBC Radio Gloucestershire early on Thursday morning, you might have heard the presenter discussing cycling safety. Here’s a thought, and a suggestion, we haven’t heard before. Something we haven’t heard before? What’s that then? Surely something … Continue reading

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Classics of the genre

Some recent examples of driverless cars, rampaging out of control. Something really must be done about these mechanical beasts! In Gorleston – A crash between a woman on a bicycle and a car has partially blocked Suffield Road in Gorleston. Paramedics … Continue reading

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How seriously should we take the ‘Skycycle’ idea?

The idea of attaching routes for cyclists to the sides of railway lines in London – the so-called ‘SkyCycle’ – has again appeared in the press, this time featuring in the Daily Mail. The article contains a number of fairly … Continue reading

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Bradley Wiggins selling onions

A cartoon from the current edition of Private Eye, that made me smile. The joke, of course, lies in the new dominance of British cycling in a French race, and an extension of that dominance, beyond cycle sport, to a … Continue reading

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Man bites dog

A story doing the rounds at the moment is the case of Andrej Schipka, who knocked down a man in central London while cycling through a red light, leaving him with a fractured skull. Schipka was found guilty of careless … Continue reading

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A crash on a safe road

Early in the evening of Sunday 6th May, a car careered off the road on the North Street railway bridge in Horsham, striking the railings beside the pavement. Judging by the location of the impact, I would guess that the … Continue reading

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Helmets in cars, helmets on bicycles

An inquest has recently been held at Worthing Magistrates’ Court into the death of Toby Woolford, a young man from Horsham, who died when his car collided with an HGV on the A27 near Arundel station. Drivers speak of fatal … Continue reading

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