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Using a flexible mode of transport to break rules designed for an inflexible mode of transport

The other week I spotted a driver attempting to drive the wrong way down a one-way street in Horsham. It’s tempting to do this, because it represents a big shortcut. Starting from point A, driving illegally (south) down the road … Continue reading

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Secured by Design – ACPO’s blanket recommendation against permeability

I’ve been meaning to write a few words about ‘Secured by Design’, which is a national police project focused on reducing crime through the design of buildings and the built environment. Established in 1989, Secured by Design (SBD) is owned by … Continue reading

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A Superhighway that isn’t

There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with ‘backstreets’ routes for cycling. Some of the highest quality routes I have cycled on in the Netherlands have been of this form, running away from main roads, passing through residential areas and parks. These routes … Continue reading

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In the way

What is it about cycling in front of motor vehicles that makes for an unpleasant experience? This is a pertinent question in the light of a number of related issues – principally, how we should go about designing for cycling … Continue reading

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A timely reminder from Thames Valley Police

The tired stereotype that ‘cyclists’ are especially prone to lawbreaking really isn’t going to go away if public bodies like police forces persist in employing it. Take this today from Thames Valley Police’s Roads Policing Twitter account – Remember cyclists must … Continue reading

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Total inconsistency from the Royal Parks

I can’t really add much to Cyclists in the City’s excellent and thorough analysis of the problems facing the East-West Superhighway route through the Royal Parks – problems, it seems, that are entirely being caused by the Royal Parks themselves, as … Continue reading

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Marginal gains

There was a fair bit of discussion last week about the value – or lack of value – of promotional marketing campaigns related to cycling. On the one hand, we had the view that any kind of policy, promotional or otherwise, that purports … Continue reading

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Sharing and caring

The website The American Conservative has published a deeply, deeply confused piece about road design, apparently inspired by the announcement the cycle ‘Superhighways’ in London will be going ahead. The tone is set in the opening paragraphs.  Jacobs eventually prevailed, protecting … Continue reading

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