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Britain’s exclusionary roads and streets

A recent news item from Epping should come as no surprise to anyone who understands the reasons why people don’t cycle in Britain. A head teacher has moved to explain changes to plans for the first new school the district … Continue reading

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Do the Dutch create ‘shared use’ pavements like us?

There was a small bit of back-and-forth in the comments under my piece about attitudes to ‘surrendering’ the roads in UK cycling campaigning, principally about the usefulness of the Hierarchy of Provision, and its advice (albeit listed last) to Convert … Continue reading

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Uses for bicycle facilities

I’m currently reading (probably about two years after everyone else has) Andrew Ross Sorkin’s Too Big to Fail, about the collapse of Lehman Brothers and attempts to stop a financial meltdown on Wall Street. The book contains this brief but … Continue reading

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‘No surrender’ – the damaging, enduring legacy of the 1930s in British cycle campaigning

The notion of providing a separate, dedicated space for people on bikes, away from motor vehicles, continues to be met with opposition of a particular form. I am not talking here about pragmatic opposition; the kind of opposition which tends … Continue reading

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Pedestrianisation and the decline of the high street

A very silly article has appeared on the BBC news website this morning, the thrust of which is that the decline of the high street – in particular, one high street in north Wales – is apparently due to pedestrianisation. … Continue reading

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The Superhighway 2 extension

With an hour or so to kill before visiting friends in London over the weekend, I decided to take a quick look at Stratford High Street, and what the promising plans from Transport for London for a kerb-separated track, running … Continue reading

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A simple guide to adjusting a Shimano Nexus hub gear

I thought I’d impart a little bit of advice on an aspect of bike maintenance that was slightly foreign to me, and hopefully that I can explain with the aid of pictures. If you are an expert bike mechanic, then … Continue reading

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