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Cycling is (or should be) FUN!

I couldn’t make it to Street Talks on Monday, to hear Mustafa Arif of the London Cycling Campaign discuss the Space for Cycling campaign, although I did manage to follow some of the discussion on Twitter. One tweet in particular … Continue reading

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The Mayor’s Vision for Cycling

Could one of the biggest barriers to the implementation of the Mayor’s Vision for Cycling be… the Mayor himself? I ask, because of an extraordinary discussion at the Transport for London Board Meeting on the 5th February, kindly uploaded to … Continue reading

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A kerb nerd protests

The epithet ‘kerb nerds’ seems to have been coined to describe those people who think that, on roads that carry a certain volume of motor traffic, travelling at a certain speed, cycling as a mode of transport should not share … Continue reading

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Where next for hi-visibility clothing?

You might be the kind of person who thinks that someone riding a bike should do everything possible to make themselves visible to drivers. That they should wear hi-visibility jackets. That they should be reflective, and illuminated. Well, if you … Continue reading

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Designing for cycling in its own right

Imagine that you are responsible for improving the walking environment in an area where walking rates are exceptionally low – perhaps making up around a few percent of all trips that are made. You would probably start thinking about the … Continue reading

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Death on the streets

On Wednesday, Beyond the Kerb wrote Much of the time, it feels like the view that it’s simply not acceptable to kill people in completely avoidable collisions and then say “Well, it happens” is some form of extremism, and that … Continue reading

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The Central London Grid

The deadline for responses to the consultation on Transport for London’s Central London Grid is this Friday. Both London Cycling Campaign and Rachel Aldred have provided detailed responses, which I recommend you read; I thought I’d add some comments of … Continue reading

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Ducking the issue with electric cars

The car industry seems to have convinced itself – understandably enough, from their perspective – that the solution to transport in urban areas is simply to convert existing private motor vehicles to run on electricity, rather than combustion engines. The … Continue reading

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Along with concerns about surrendering the road to motor vehicles, one of the main reasons for opposition to the physical separation of cycling from motor traffic is a fear of being ‘held up’. This is the worry, from people who … Continue reading

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The steps

There is a small entrance to the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, from St Giles’. It brings you into the grand central courtyard from the east, through a corridor in the building, rather than via the direct and obvious entrance from the … Continue reading

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