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Cycle safety in London – getting worse, not better

Transport for London’s latest Travel in London report is out – the fourth. In the section on ‘Road Safety’, we are told that The year 2010 was the target year for both national and more stringent London-specific targets for the … Continue reading

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Just what is ‘smoothing traffic flow’?

In last week’s London Assembly motion on Cycle Safety (which you can view again here, around four hours in) Labour’s AM Val Shawcross made the following comments about Transport for London’s ‘smoothing traffic flow’ agenda, and how the policy is, in … Continue reading

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Is the bicycle being forgotten about in London’s new street designs?

Danny of Cyclists In the City has been tireless in documenting the increasing rash of widened pavements and narrowed carriageways that are springing up all over London. In his most recent piece on a location where a street has been … Continue reading

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How ‘smoothing traffic flow’ is needlessly causing death and serious injury

I am indebted to Olaf Storbeck of Cycling Intelligence for the background to this post. He has published an open letter, written to Camden’s Culture & Environment Scrutiny Committee, by Kenji Hirasawa, the boyriend of Deep Lee, the young woman killed … Continue reading

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Lethal drivers

On the 21st of November last year, Matthew Bailey, a 22-year-old scaffolder from Gosport, headed out into town for some drinks with friends. A few hours later, returning home, he was struck and killed instantly by a car as he … Continue reading

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Coned off

Heading back from an excellent Street Talks at Look Mum No Hands on Tuesday evening, I found myself cycling south on Blackfriars Bridge, on my way to Waterloo. This is the location of a disastrously poor cycle lane, the lethality … Continue reading

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Cycling as a stress-reliever, in Sweden and Horsham

Here’s a good comment piece from the West Sussex County Times, published in last week’s paper. Curiously, the paper’s website suggests that it was written by Conservative Party Chairman, and local MP, Francis Maude – but that isn’t the case. … Continue reading

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‘A very safe activity’

David Hembrow has recently posted a piece about a family in Cambridge who are considering giving up cycling – this after a nasty incident on a roundabout, in which a van struck the mother’s bakfiets, with her baby in it. … Continue reading

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Cycling on the pavement

I wrote a rather long piece a few months ago about a West Sussex County Times article entitled Councillor warns of road ‘peril’. This was an article that, for some reason,  decided to focus entirely on the dangers of ‘selfish cyclists’ who … Continue reading

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When and how the Dutch separate bicycles from motor vehicles

If you live in the suburb of Baggelhuizen in Assen, which lies in the south-west of the city, outside its ring road, you will use Hoofdlaan to get in and out of the city. It’s a fast, straight road, with … Continue reading

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