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Squeezing out walking and cycling for a few extra car parking spaces – local planning in action

Why do we want people to walk and cycle for short trips, instead of driving? One of the main reasons, of course, is public health. If we cycled as much as the Dutch and the Danes in urban areas, figures … Continue reading

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What is ‘clutter’?

Eric Pickles was in the news again yesterday with his fourth pronouncement – within a matter of weeks – on car parking. It comes ahead of some new Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) guidance that will, apparently, aim … Continue reading

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Accessibility versus amenity – how the bicycle can solve the dilemma

Yesterday I gave a brief presentation at a Town Centre Opportunities event in London; the theme of the conference was on revitalising urban space and keeping ‘The High Street’ thriving. I was invited to talk in a supposedly provocative capacity, … Continue reading

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Pedestrianisation and the decline of the high street

A very silly article has appeared on the BBC news website this morning, the thrust of which is that the decline of the high street – in particular, one high street in north Wales – is apparently due to pedestrianisation. … Continue reading

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A challenge to pedestrianisation

Long-time readers of this blog will no doubt be familiar with the story of East Street in Horsham. This is a narrow town centre street that used to be a one-way road, with narrow pavements and plenty of on-street parking, … Continue reading

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Friday Facility no.13 – Merryfield Drive, Horsham

Yesterday I cycled over to Merryfield Drive, in the west of Horsham, to take some pictures of the town’s only stretch of segregated cycle track. Here it is, all twenty metres of it. It’s a slightly confusing arrangement, because as … Continue reading

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Cycle tracks and on-street parking

On-street parking and cycle tracks are not incompatible; in fact, quite the opposite. Parked cars – where on-street parking is necessary, and/or allowed – actually provide a useful barrier between the cycle track and moving traffic. Take this example from … Continue reading

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Cycle Superhighway 2

Last week I visited the University of East London’s Stratford Campus to attend the launch of the Cycling Cultures report (pdf) (you can read the Cycling Embassy news story on the launch here). This gave me – and a few … Continue reading

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Brighton, weather and parking charges

A lot of noise has been generated recently in Brighton by traders upset by an increase in parking charges, implemented on April 1st – they are firm in the belief that the increases have driven away their customers. Seafront businesses … Continue reading

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