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The terrible journalist’s guide to writing an article about bicycles

You are a terrible journalist, so naturally enough you are struggling for something to write about. Maybe you’ve run out of things to say about your private life that might actually interest the reading public. Maybe you can’t think of … Continue reading

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The Vondelpark – a route for bicycles, not just a leisure facility

The Vondelpark in Amsterdam is a large public park to the southwest of the city centre, located in a prosperous district of large houses that were constructed in the 19th century. It’s about the same length as Hyde Park, although … Continue reading

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A ‘cycling safety’ campaign from Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham

From the Birmingham Post – Hospitals see 50 per cent rise in cycling accidents since Olympics Cyclists inspired to hit the streets by Britain’s Olympic and Paralympic stars have left medics battling a 50 per cent rise in bike accidents. Figures … Continue reading

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Some cycle tracks and junctions in Amsterdam

Inspired by a recent post from the Alternative Department for Transport about cycle tracks crossing minor junctions, I spent some of my time wandering and cycling round Amsterdam last week examining the kinds of arrangements of cycle tracks at junctions … Continue reading

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Signs of hope

You may remember that in August, Philip Circus, a Horsham District Councillor, wrote a piece for the West Sussex County Times entitled Why British cyclists are not always heroes. The article, which I responded to here, actually bears a great deal … Continue reading

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How seriously should we take the ‘Skycycle’ idea?

The idea of attaching routes for cyclists to the sides of railway lines in London – the so-called ‘SkyCycle’ – has again appeared in the press, this time featuring in the Daily Mail. The article contains a number of fairly … Continue reading

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The effect of private car dependence on land use

In her seminal book, The Death and Life of Great American Cities, Jane Jacobs observed that The more space that is provided for cars in cities, the greater becomes the need for use of cars, and hence for still more space … Continue reading

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