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The trouble with our physical environment

A device that offers mobility to people who have great difficulty walking, that is limited to a maximum speed of 8mph, and poses little or no danger (at least relative to other forms of transport like the private car) should never … Continue reading

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Where next for hi-visibility clothing?

You might be the kind of person who thinks that someone riding a bike should do everything possible to make themselves visible to drivers. That they should wear hi-visibility jackets. That they should be reflective, and illuminated. Well, if you … Continue reading

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Death on the streets

On Wednesday, Beyond the Kerb wrote Much of the time, it feels like the view that it’s simply not acceptable to kill people in completely avoidable collisions and then say “Well, it happens” is some form of extremism, and that … Continue reading

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Visibility in context

The winter is of course the period of the year when people riding bikes get urged to ‘lighten up’ and to make themselves visible. It is easy to lose count of the number of articles and police campaigns on the … Continue reading

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Some statistics from the latest Travel in London Report

Transport for London’s latest Travel in London report was released just before Christmas, and, as always, it is packed full of statistics. One of the most telling graphs comes early in the report – The distance travelled by motor vehicle has … Continue reading

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The headlines from Safetytown

From the Safetytown News – A police chief has gone head-to-head with an MP after calling for compulsory pedestrian helmets. Sir Graham Dense, Safetyshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, wants a change in the law to force pedestrians to wear helmets. But … Continue reading

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Look Out!

This week Lancashire Police have started running a campaign, ‘Let’s Look Out for Each Other’, which amounts to the usual strange attempt to make drivers and people cycling ‘more aware of each other’, as if anyone riding a bike isn’t … Continue reading

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The next step in cycle safety – Canada’s trauma surgeons have the answer

This news story featured yesterday in the Hull Daily Mail – A Hull man whose back was broken in two places when he was knocked from his bicycle faces a long struggle to walk again. Cliff Hattersley, 59, was cycling to his … Continue reading

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Helmets and appropriate safety clothing

From the Lancashire Evening Post. Presented without comment. The number of cyclists killed and seriously injured on Lancashire’s roads has almost doubled in a year. Police said that between April 2013 and July 2013, 53 cyclists were killed and seriously injured … Continue reading

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The psychology of riding on the pavement, and jumping red lights

Plenty of excellent stuff has already been written about the woefulness of the material that has finally emerged today from the Nice Way Code. I’m not going to add to that, because there’s really no need! What I would like … Continue reading

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