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The problem with the word ‘cyclist’

The news that the police should use some discretion and not issue Fixed Penalty Notices to anyone who rides a bike on a footway, irrespective of the local context, the type of person riding, and how they are behaving, was … Continue reading

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There is no ‘us’

A few months ago I had a bit of a near miss with a driver who, in essence, failed to expect me to come around a corner on a bicycle. Likewise, I failed to expect him to appear so suddenly … Continue reading

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The opinions of a TfL board member

A question from TfL board member Eva Lindholm at today’s board meeting. Posted without comment. Something struck me when I was reading [item] 2.2 on cycling accidents. Now this may be more of a philosophical point, and not fit for … Continue reading

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Response to LTDA: Analysis of signal compliance, by mode

I thought I’d do a quick rough-and-ready analysis of the Licensed Taxi Driver’s Association videos that are doing the rounds today, which purport to show that people on bikes are serial lawbreakers. Their analysis is based on two separate hour-long … Continue reading

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The psychology of riding on the pavement, and jumping red lights

Plenty of excellent stuff has already been written about the woefulness of the material that has finally emerged today from the Nice Way Code. I’m not going to add to that, because there’s really no need! What I would like … Continue reading

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The issue of black crime

Imagine if a black politician tweeted the following – We can be our own worse enemy. A black man on Kentish Town Road just robbed a shop. This tweet is then challenged by several followers, who point out that the … Continue reading

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