Friday Facility No.4 – Southgate Avenue, Crawley

I’m not sure whether the ‘Dismount’ is for the bin, or the bus stop.

Either way, this is one location where there is, quite clearly, no space for separated cycle paths of decent width. The photograph was taken at 5:30 on a Friday evening, and you can see how busy the road is here. Another three lanes run northbound on the other side of the central reservation (fenced to stop people crossing from the shopping centre to the library).

If you wish to turn right here, towards Crawley railway station, you have the option of attempting to get into the third lane to make the turn with motor traffic.  Maybe you’re not feeling that confident; in which case, you will have to ponderously make your way around one side-road junction on the left-hand side, before dismounting and making four separate crossings at the junction itself, before rejoining on the left hand side of Station Way (there is no pedestrian crossing on the far side of the junction).


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1 Response to Friday Facility No.4 – Southgate Avenue, Crawley

  1. This has been reported to WSCC. They own the land, the road, the library…. They just built the library, and they left this wretched mess! They have also installed non-standard sheffield type stands that are not wide enough to get your handlebars through.
    And they have failed to fix any of it.
    I have also tried to rectify the fact that cyclists are not allowed in the (non-guided) bus lanes. They agreed to do it (just before the General elections by press release) and have now pulled out.
    And further down Southgate avenue to the South, by Hawth avenue, is a complete disaster!
    Further information is available from me for anyone interested, or interested in helping.
    Peter Smith
    Crawley CTC RtR

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